Travelling within Singapore is easy, and there are myriad public transport options to get you around the city. Attendees can use the extensive subway/MRT network (route map below), bus systems and taxis. For specific routes, there are also bicycle tracks.

Public Transportation

It is a good idea to purchase an EZ pass at the airport or an MRT station booth so that you can easily ride the bus and subway network. The EZ pass costs S$10 and comes with S$7 pre-loaded on it and you can top-up at any station. When you leave Singapore, you are eligible to return your card and get back the S$3 deposit.

Google Maps provides good coverage of the Singapore public transport system and is reliable to use to plan your journeys.

Getting to the Conference Venue 

There will be shuttle buses available departing from nearby many city hotels. Information about departure points and times will soon be available. 

  • The closes MRT station to NTU is Pioneer station on the green line in the  Joo Koon direction.
  • When you exit the MRT station take the exit to the right.
  • Walk to the bus stop and look for signs for ICTD 2015. There will be two buses you can take, a public one (#179) that you will need to pay for with exact change or an EZ pass. There is also a free campus shuttle that stops there, called the campus rider. It looks more like a coach than a public bus. From the campus rider, get off at the last stop at the administration building and follow the signs to the conference. 


Taxis are very cheap in Singapore in comparison to major cosmopolitan cities of the world. All taxis are metered and can charge a booking fee if you call to book them. Some companies charge a higher booking fee than others and this is legal. It is also legal to charge higher rates at night.

You can book a taxi by calling one of the following cab companies:

Taxi  Company Hotline
Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd 6552 1111
CityCab Pte Ltd 6552 1111
SMRT Taxis Pte Ltd 6555 8888
Trans-Cab Services Pte Ltd 6555 3333
Premier Taxis Pte Ltd 6363 6888
Prime Car Rental & Taxi Services Pte Ltd 6778 0808

Alternatively, smartphone users can download ‘Grabtaxi‘ or ‘Uber‘ for their Android or iOS device.

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