Papers and Notes

This is a preliminary list of Full Papers to be presented at the conference. Detailed sessions schedules will follow shortly. The list of preliminary Notes is below this table.

Paper Title Author Names
The Politics of Anti-Poverty Artefacts: Lessons from the Computerization of the Food Security System in Karnataka Silvia Masiero*, London School of Economics ; Amit Prakash, IIIT Bangalore
Data-Driven Intervention-Level Prediction Modeling for Academic Performance Mvurya Mgala*, University of Cape Town; Audrey Mbogho, University of Cape Town
Real Mobiles: Kenyan and Zambian Smallholder Farmers’ Contemporary Attitudes Towards Mobile Phones Susan Wyche*; Melissa Densmore
The Impact of Mobile Value Added Services: The Case of Women Microentrepreneurs in Indonesia Cai Tian, Michigan State University; Han Ei Chew*, SIRC; Mark Levy, Michigan State University
e-Business Adoption and Use among African Women-Owned SMEs: An Analytical Study in Nigeria Ritse Erumi-Esin*, Center for Development Informatic, IDPM, University of Manchester; Richard Heeks, Center for Development Informatic, IDPM, University of Manchester
See My Work: Sustaining a Data Reporting Practice by Mental Health Clinicians in Liberia Ellen Zegura*; Elena Derkits, Emory University; Janice Cooper, Carter Center, Emory
Twitter Democracy: Policy versus identity politics in three emerging African democracies Michael Best*; Amanda Meng, Georgia Tech
Learning to Fix: Knowledge, Collaboration and Mobile Phone Repair in Dhaka, Bangladesh Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed*, Cornell University; Steven Jackson; Md. Rashidujjaman Rifat, BUET
Understanding Mobile Phone and Social Media Use in a Nairobi Slum: A Case for Long-Term Approaches to Design in ICTD Susan Wyche*
Gender and accessibility in Rwanda and Malawi Joyojeet Pal*; Maura Youngman, University of Michigan; Terence O’Neill, Michigan State University; Priyank Chandra, University of Michigan; Cyprien Semushi, African Lobelia
Using a Principal Agent Model to Explain User-Centered Design Challenges for Mother Tongue Reading in Kenya Ariel Schwartz*, UT Austin / Maria’s Libraries; Eva Kaplan, Maria’s Libraries; Evviva Weinraub Lajoie, Oregon State University; Trey Terrell, Oregon State University; Esther Ajambo, Makerere University
The Mobile Divide Revisited: Mobile Phone Use by Smallholder Farmers in Malawi Charles Steinfield*, Michigan State University; Susan Wyche; Hastings Chiwasa, Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources; Tian Cai, Michigan State University
Projecting Health: Community-Led Video Education for Maternal Health Neha Kumar*, USC; Trevor Perrier, University of Washington; Michelle Desmond, PATH; Kiersten Israel-Ballard, PATH; Vikrant Kumar; Sudip Mahapatra, ; Anil Mishra, ; Shreya Agarwal, ; Rikin Gandhi, ; Pallavi Lal, ; Richard Anderson, University of Washington
The Creation of Capital through an ICT-based Learning Program: A Case Study of MOOC Camp Carleen Maitland; Eric Obeysekare*, Penn State University
“The technology done empower we”: exploring amplified capabilities for people with disabilities in Sierra Leone Jasmine Jones*, University of Michigan; Joyojeet Pal
Revisiting CGNet Swara and its Impact in Rural India Meghana Marathe, Microsoft Research India; Jacki O’Neill, Microsoft Research India; Paromita Pain, University of Texas at Austin; William Thies*
Building Citizen Engagement into the Implementation of Welfare Schemes in Rural India Dipanjan Chakraborty*, IIT Delhi; Aaditeshwar Seth, IIT Delhi
Solar vs Diesel: Where to draw the line for cell towers? Talal Ahmad*, NYU; Shankar Kalyanaraman; Fareeha Amjad; Lakshminarayanan Subramanian
The Persistence of Paper: A Case Study in Microfinance from Ghana Ishita Ghosh*, UC Berkeley; Jay Chen, New York University, Abu Dhabi; Joy Ming, Harvard University; Azza Abouzied, New York University, Abu Dhabi
Work-related Use and Positive Livelihood Outcomes among Mobile Phone Users in Asia Komathi Ale*, Uni. of Southern California
Promises and Pitfalls of Mobile Money in Afghanistan: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial Josh Blumenstock*, University of Washington; Michael Callen, Harvard University; Tarek Ghani, UC Berkeley; Lucas Koepke, University of Washington
The Effects of ICT-enabled Information Provision on Sexual Health: Experimental Evidence from Kenya Risa Kitagawa*, Stanford University



This is a preliminary list of Notes/Poster to be presented at the conference. Detailed sessions schedules will follow shortly.

Note Title Authors
Women’s Inclusion in Digital Bangladesh Jude William Genilo*, University of Liberal Arts BD; Marium Akther, University of Liberal Arts Ban; Monami Haque, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
An ICT4D Projects for Promoting Health Awareness Program in Indigenous Community Md Hoque*, University of Dhaka; Md Ashraf, University of Dhaka
Good intentions to read on mobiles are not good enough; reducing barriers to m-reading is crucial Han Ei Chew*, SIRC; Mark West, UNESCO
Entering the Dream World of Computers Nova Ahmed*, North South University; Luke Doyle, CAFFE
Speech-Interface Prompt Design: Lessons from the field Jerome White*, NYUAD; Mayuri Duggirala, TCS Research
The Safe Motherhood ‘Healthy Baby, Healthy Pregnancy’ Text Messaging Service in Tanzania Veronica Yow, TTC Mobile; Bas Hoefman*, TTC Mobile
ICTs for Agriculture Knowledge Management: Insights from DHRUVA, India Ram Naresh Kumar Vangala*, DA-IICT; Mukerji Maitrayee, DA-IICT; B.N Hiremath, DA-IICT
ICT as a Corruption Deterrent: A Research Note Utkarsh Shrivastava , University of South Florida; Anol Bhattacherjee*, University of South Florida
Best Practices to Foster a National Information Technology Industry Tomas Orozco La Roche*, PuntoGob; Hugo Javier Fuentes Castro, ITESM
Socio-Technial Structures in Andhra Pradesh Mirofinance Lucas Watt*, RMIT
Making a Community Network Legal within the South African Regulatory Framework Carlos Rey-Moreno*, University of the Western Cape; William Tucker, University of the Western Cape; Dominic Cull, Ellipsis Regulatory Services; Rolf Blom, Ellipsis Regulatory Services
Fine-tuning Kleine’s Choice Framework Heidi Attwood*, UKZN; Julian May,
Evaluating Open Development: A Cross-National Study Rong Wang*, USC; Francois Bar, USC
SafeStreet: Empowering Women Against Street Harassment using a Privacy-Aware Location Based Application Mohammed Eunus Ali*, BUET; Lazima Ansari, BUET; Shabnam Basera Rishta, BUET; Tanzima Hashem, BUET; Ahmed Imtiaz Khan, Dhaka University
A Connective MOOC for K-12 Science and Mathematics Teacher Professional Development in Native American Pueblo Schools Josephine Kilde*, University of Colorado Boulder; Lorenzo Gonzales, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Spatial Thinking for Educational Innovation: The Rwandan Iwacu Project Brian Tomaszewski*, Rochester Institute of Technol; Jules Maurice Mupenzi, ; Anthony Vodacek, ; Kayla Vodacek, ; Nicholas Holt,
Kids Hacker Camps in Kenya: Hardware hacking effectiveness in skills transfer Anne Salim*, IHub; Wachira Ndaiga, iHub
Beyond bootstrapping: the Liberian iLab as a maturing community of practice Ellen Zegura*, ; Michael Madaio, Georgia Tech; Rebecca Grinter, Georgia Tech
Investigating Mobile Broadband Affordability in Developing Countries: A Cross-National Comparison Jyoti Choudrie, University of Hertfordshire; David Yates*, Bentley University; Girish Gulati, Bentley University
Mobile Technology for Refugee Resilience in Urban and Peri-Urban Malaysia Claire Cravero*, Fulbright Commission
User Errors in SMS Based Reporting Systems Fahad Pervaiz*, University of Washington; Trevor Perrier, University of Washington; Sompasong Phongphila, UNICEF; Richard Anderson, University of Washington
Participatory Videos for Nutrition Training in Malawi: an Analysis of Knowledge Gain and Adoption Tian Cai*, Michigan State University; Charles Steinfield, Michigan State University; Susan Wyche, ; Hastings Chiwasa,
Situation Awareness in Crowdsensing for Disease Surveillance in Crisis Situations Peter Haddawy*, Mahidol University
Analysis of Smartphone Adoption and Usage in a Rural Community Cellular Network Kurtis Heimerl*, ; Anuvind Menon, UC Berkeley; Shaddi Hasan, UC Berkeley; Kashif Ali, UC Berkeley; Eric Brewer, UC Berkeley; Tapan Parikh,
Information Demand Meets Through RTEs: Experience of Gayner Hat in Bangladesh Md Rahman*, Practical Action Bangladesh
Are all the Impacts of Telecentres Measurable? Ghazala Tabassum*, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak ; Alvin Yeo , Institute of Social Informatics and Technological Innovations (ISITI) Universiti
Promoting Participatory Community Building in Refugee Camps with Mapping Technology Ying Xu*, Penn State; Carleen Maitland, ; Brian Tomaszewski, Rochester Institute of Technol
Assessing Outcome and Impact: Towards a comprehensive evaluation approach in ICT4D Hafeni Mthoko*, Rhodes University; Caroline Khene, Rhodes University
Reviving an indigenous rainforest sign language: Digital Oroo’ Adventure Game Tariq Zaman*, ISITI-CRI, UNIMAS; Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, School of IT, Polytechnic of Namibia; Alvin Yeo , Institute of Social Informatics and Technological Innovations (ISITI) Universiti; Lai Chiu Ting, FCSIT, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak; Garen Jengan, Long Lamai
ICTD Systems Development: Analysis of Requirements Elicitation Approaches Mohammad Mahmudul Hasan*, Harokopio University, Greece
Graspeo: a Social Media Platform for Knowledge Management in NGOs Andrii Vozniuk*, EPFL; Adrian Holzer, EPFL; Sten Govaerts, EPFL; Jorge Mazuze, MSF; Denis Gillet, EPFL
User-Centered Design within SPHERE Jan Noyes*, University of Bristol
The 2014 Indian General Election on Twitter: An analysis of changing political traditions Kokil Jaidka*, NTU Singapore; Saifuddin Ahmed,
Synthesizing NGOs’ Use of Social Media in the Context of Development Anand Sheombar*, MMU & HU
Use of Digital Data in Development Decision-making: An Economic Analysis Rubayat Khan*, MPower Social Enterprises
Mobile Phone Price as a Proxy for Socio-Economic Indicators Fahad Sultan, TPI, LUMS
Hamza Humayun, TPI, LUMS
Umar Nadeem, Independent Researcher, Islamabad, Pakistan
Zubair Khurshid Bhatti, The World Bank, Pakistan
Sohaib Khan, Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering, LUMS, KACST GIS, Umm Al-Qura University
Fuzziness in LGBT Non-Profit ICT Use Ryan Champagne, ; Julio Guerra, ; Chunhua Tsai*, University of Pittsburgh; Jocelyn Monahan, ; Rosta Farzan,
A Comprehensive Approach to Scalability Assessment of ICTD projects: An ICT4RED Case Development Gugulethu Baduza*, Rhodes University
Cost analysis of nutrition messaging intervention through community-led videos in Odisha Kriti Khurana*, Digital Green; Ramesh Bhat, Indian Institute of Management; Rikin Gandhi, ; Peggy Booher, John Snow, Inc.
In Machines We Trust: Do Interactivity and Recordability undermine Democratic Technologies? Akshaya Sreenivasan*, Penn State University; S. Shyam Sundar, Penn State University
How To Choose A Mobile Phone for An ICT4D Project Maletsabisa Molapo*, University of Cape Town; Melissa Densmore, University of Cape Town; Limpho Morie, Bophelo Haeso
Guessability as an Ethnographic Study of Mobile Technology Usage in Kenya Jaye Nias*, Bowie State University
Towards an architectural design of a guideline-driven EMR system: A contextual inquiry of Malawi Yamiko Msosa*, University of Cape Town; Melissa Densmore, University of Cape Town a network infrastructure commons Roger Baig, ; Ramon Roca, ; Leandro Navarro*, UPC; Felix Freitag,
Sada Vehra: A Framework for Crowdsourcing Punjabi Language Content Jasmine Hentschel*, University of Michigan; Joyojeet Pal,
Social Media Fostering Social Good: A Case of Election Monitoring in Nigeria Paul Lazarus*, Georgia Institute of Technolog; Tulika Saraf, Georgia Institute of Technology; Michael Best,
Using ICT Design to Learn about Immigrant Teens from Myanmar Ann Bishop*, University of Illinois; Karen Fisher, Information School, University of Washington, US
VillageApps – A platform to educate underprivileged communities in their mother tongue Syed Ibrahim Ghaznavi*, Umar Muneer, Usman Shahid, Shan Randhawa, Umar Saif, Information Technology University; Kashif Ali, Tapan Parikh, Univ. of California, Berkeley
Assistive Technologies and Autonomy in a Cyborg World Priyank Chandra*, University of Michigan; Jasmine Jones, University of Michigan
Does Land Information System Resolve Land Conflicts? A Tale from Rural Eastern Indonesia Fathul Wahid*, “Universitas Islam Indonesia, Indonesia “
ICT’s Impact on Youth and Local Communities in Syria Eiad Yafi*, Universiti Kuala Lumpur
“Buuza Omulimisa”: Text Messaging for Low Literate Farming Communities in Rural Uganda Daniel Ninsiima*, Michigan State University