Arriving at the Airport

The Changi Airport is located on the East coast of Singapore and is connected to the Singapore subway system, which is called the MRT.

There is wireless Internet available at the airport and it is free to call any Singaporean telephone number from the airport.

All money changing booths also sell Mobile prepaid SIM cards on the Singtel network. These SIM cards come with a mobile data package included. Be careful to note the expiry of the mobile data allowance, as once the time period has lapsed, it becomes incredibly expensive and is best to purchase a data top-up using your balance before the time period has expired.

Getting to the City or Conference from the Airport

A taxi to the city (where most hotels are) will cost around S$15-20, whereas a taxi to the conference venue (NTU) will cost about double that, S$30-40 depending on traffic and time of day.

Taking the MRT to your hotel or to the conference will only cost about S$3. Look for signs for Train to the city. You can purchase a single passage ticket from a machine, or if you go to the window, you can buy an EZ pass which comes with S$7 pre-loaded. You can also return the card when you leave Singapore and get back a S$3 deposit. The EZ pass enables you to easily ride the bus and trains within Singapore.

For more information on which MRT station is closest to your hotel and the conference venue, check out our accommodation and transportation pages.

There will be shuttle buses available departing from nearby many city hotels. Information about departure points and times are available on this page

If you are coming straight to the conference from the airport on the MRT:

  • Take the MRT to Pioneer station: the airport line only goes two stations to Tanah Merah before it ends. Get off and look for signs for the  Joo Koon direction.
  • Stay on the Joo Koon train 24 stops to exit at Pioneer. 
  • When you exit the MRT station take the exit to the right.
  • There is a free campus shuttle that stops there, called the campus rider. It looks more like a coach than a public bus. From the campus rider, get off at the last stop at the administration building and follow the signs to the conference. 
  • If you exit on the opposite side of the MRT, there is also a public bus (#179) that you can take that you will need to pay for with exact change or an EZ pass. The ICTD Shuttle also stops on the opposite side of the MRT, so it is best to check shuttle times to plan your trip ahead of time. 
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